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VIG Sp. z o.o. Manufacturing, Service and Trade Company was established in 1989 as a company dealing mainly with supplies of raw materials and components for steel industry, foundries and mining industry.

In view of the significant development and market expectations, at the beginning of 2004 we developed a recycling and recovery technology for various industrial waste types including technology for hazardous waste recycling and recovery.

We used our own warehouse base and production machinery to create a modern Industrial Waste Recycling Plant in Myszków to conduct recovery and recycling of industrial waste and after-use waste.

We have a modern line to fully recycle used oil, fuel and air filters, absorbents, wiping clothes and oiled protective clothing, the line being the only one of that type in Poland. We also own a technological line to recover leather, rubber, textile and plastic waste and to manufacture alternative fuel.

Based on specialized machinery and equipment we created a nationally unique and environmentally friendly technology for hazardous and non-hazardous waste recovery and recycling.
The design and control of the equipment used are performed in accordance with the current EU regulations (EC) and meet the Best Available Technique (BAT) requirements. Operating procedures, documentation and waste handling methods are compliant with directives and standards being in force in the European Union.

We have the necessary permission of the Silesian Voivodeship Marshal to conduct the above business activity.

Strategy for our company's business for the forthcoming years is – the provision of comprehensive services in proper waste management to trade and production companies.

Modern technologies and professional staff are a guarantee of high standard of services offered.

We would like to notify that our company is a member of the following associations:

Polish Economic Chamber of Recycling.

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