Piekary Śląskie


Since April to October 2010 the EKO-VIG Company participated in the liquidation of the landfill site council in Piekary Śląskie located on the area titled "Structure of the motorway A1 - Pyrzowice segment - Piekary Śląskie.

In the course of works produced about 418 000,00 Mg mixed council waste coded 20 03 01 what the Eko-Vig Company effected the recycling of this waste in the place of producing them in the amount above 350 000,00 from Mg.
The remaining quantity of waste due to the lack of recycling in liquidation landfill or lack of reasoning recycling was passed back to municipal landfill.

Recycling Process of waste the method R 15 –processing waste in order to prepare waste for the recycling, in it for the recycling - consisted in mechanical processing: sorting, segregation, sieving on specialist drum screens and crumbling in specialist crushing machines wereby separated waste streams of various types with the ability to use them, among others for land reclamation.

Next to the indicated above equipment work related to the subjected recovery of waste were carried out, depending on needs, using equipment such as backhoe bulldozer, backhoe loaders, crawler bulldozer, loaders.

The transport centres involved in the undertaking made about 150 routes including on average per day taking 3,000 Mg of waste away essentially on average per day.
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