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PPUH “VIG” Sp. z o. o. also produces alternative fuels as a part of recovery waste.

The Industrial Waste Processing Plant in Myszków produces energy mixture of solid fuels “ Fuel VIG – 1 with the following quality parameters:

  • average calorific value Wd = 21.0-23.0 MJ / kg m.s.
  • average sulfur content S = 0.66%
  • chlorine Cl = 0.70% m.s.
  • ash p = 12.65%
  • humidity w = 15%
  • granulation 0 – 35 mm
  • packaging: loose or big bags


We produce high-calorific alternative fuels with quality certificates issued by the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice, Department of Technology and Waste Management Equipment.

For detailed information, please contact our company.