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Piekary Śląskie


From April to October 2010, EKO-VIG participated in the liquidation of the municipal waste landfill in Piekary Śląskie located in the area of the project called “Construction of the A-1 motorway Pyrzowice – Piekary Śląskie.

During the works it was generated about 418 000 tons of mixed municipal waste code 20 03 01. EKO – VIG recovered this waste at the place of its production in the amount of over 350 000 tons.

Due to the lack of possibility to recovery on the area of the liquidated landfill or the lack of justification for its recovery, the remaining amount of waste was transferred to municipal waste landfills.

The process of waste recovery using the R-15 method – waste processing in order to prepare it for recovery, including recycling – based on mechanical treatment: sorting, segregation, screening on specialized drum screens and crushing in specialized crusher.
As a result of this process there were separated various typed of waste streams with possibility to using them, i.e. land reclamation.

Apart from the above mentioned machinery, the works were performed depending on the needs, using backhoe bulldozer, backhoe loaders, crawler dozers, loaders.

The means of transport involved in the project carried out a total of approximately 150 courses a day, transporting a total of 3000 tons of waste per day.